Tuesday 7 September 2010

stay calm

I know from past experience that the run-up to Steve's hospital assessments is an anxious, increasingly stressful time.  I tend to scan the daily Google alerts for mesothelioma more intensely, searching for news of the latest research and clinical trails, just in case...... Invariably, I seem to end up at the Macmillan online community website, reading heartbreaking postings from those who have just been told they have the disease, and by people who feel utterly helpless as their loved ones reach the late stages of mesothelioma.  It's difficult to stay positive when faced with so much pain and suffering.

This time round, I had planned a diversion to take our minds off it - a day out in London to see a new exhibition that opens today and a trip on the Thames RIB - a speed boat experience that I was given for my birthday.  Then it all went pear-shaped because of the underground strike - not much point spending the day getting tired and irritable, fighting for seats on buses along with all the other displace tube travelers.  On to Plan B - here we are at home instead.  

Steve is distracting himself with the flight sim on the computer, practicing landing at Santorini airport (combining his newly discovered love of piloting with a virtual return to the island where we enjoyed ourselves so much in July).  

I am also on the computer, trying to stay calm.  Although there's nothing new on the Google alerts for mesothelioma, it's good to see from the meso community on Facebook that five of my virtual friends have arrived safely in Frankfurt for treatment at Prof Vogl's clinic and all seem very positive!  

Just seen that today I've had my 20th image featured in the Community Gallery on Fotoblur. As well as being a milestone for me, the selected photo is dedicated to another photographer whose partner was recently diagnosed with cancer, so it has a special significance in that respect.

There's the prospect of a long walk with a friend tomorrow - always a good way to get a different perspective on things...as well as some much needed exercise!  

The weather forecast for Thursday is sunshine.  Let's hope that it's a good omen for Steve's assessment that day.  

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