Tuesday 14 September 2010

managing expectations

It's not easy, but I think we are getting a little better at managing our expectations when it comes to Steve's mesothelioma. However, sometimes we forget that other things we were looking forward to, or had assumed were on track, don't always go as planned or anticipated, leaving us feeling deflated or a bit apprehensive. Which is how we are feeling at the moment, for reasons unrelated to Steve's condition. It maybe that the normal highs and lows of life are magnified when time is precious. Will just have to learn how to manage these expectations more realistically.....  

On the other hand, concerns about the case conference later this week may be affecting our outlook at present. Steve is not looking forward to raking over his past with a fine tooth comb or having his reactions as a witness assessed, which is what our barrister is likely to do in order to prepare for, and pre-empt, arguments from the other side. For my part, I think the session could refuel those negative, angry feelings about what happened to Steve all those years ago, and how easily it could have been prevented. It will be interesting to see whether our fears are well founded, or whether we've been blowing it up out of all proportion. After all, the legal team is on our side!

Time to stop worrying and get on with the "to do" list.......

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