Thursday 23 September 2010

sharing the good news

It's three weeks since we were given the wonderful news at Steve's last assessment that his cancer is still stable.  Don't worry - nothing's changed, except that we now have it writing, and the letter goes into more detail than we were told at the time (or perhaps we just heard the word "stable" and were so relieved that nothing else sank in....)    

In his letter to our GP, Dr Talbot (Steve's oncologist) writes   

"Status:  On examination he appears very well indeed, with no palpable lymph nodes; expansion of the chest is equal; percussion note resonant; breath sounds normal. No sign of metastatic disease.  No cardiac signs.  

Test results:  Today's chest X-ray is stable, with no evidence of disease progression.  

Assessment: Stable disease"

With so much bad news about, I thought it worth sharing the good news again, now that we have more detail.  It's also a positive introduction to the blog for any new readers visiting us via the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Centre (MAACentre) website, which now features Steve in its "Survivor Stories", hard on the heels of Debbie in Plymouth, who has been such an inspiration to us and other meso warriors and their families.  I've added a link to the MAACentre website on the can never have too much good information.

More good news - tomorrow Friday 24 September - is the World's Biggest Coffee Morning - a fundraising event organized by MacMillan Cancer Support. If you stumble upon such an event, you can eat the delicious home-made cakes without feeling guilty, knowing your contribution is helping support people with cancer.  Follow the link on the right to see what's on offer near you. 

Our plans for the next few months are coming together - family visits this weekend; a trip to Gauguin exhibition at Tate Modern next week; meeting up with the meso warriors and their supporters next weekend - it will be great to see some of our virtual friends face to face, at last!  Straight after that, we'll be using one of my special birthday presents - more of that in a future blog :-)  

There are more get-togethers with friends in the pipeline - some here, some a bit further away in the UK and abroad - as well as a couple of exhibitions to prepare for in October. In fact, lots to look forward to.  Housework will just have to take second place to enjoying life, which takes priority!

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