Monday 13 September 2010

Looking back and looking forward

I bet you can't remember what you were doing on this day in 1981.  We can.  First baby decided to put in an appearance three weeks early.  Happy birthday Jack!  Hope you will be able put in an appearance in Oxford today - the cake is ready, the fizz is chilled......

Looking forward to more mundane matters, we now have a timetable for progressing Steve's damages claim towards trial :

10 September:  complete disclosure of documentation
15 September:  exchange of witness statements
17 September:  deadline for any questions the defendant wants to ask of Dr Rudd, Steve's respiratory consultant witness
08 October:  deadline for Dr Rudd's replies
22 October:  disclosure of defendant's engineering and respiratory evidence, if experts instructed
12 November:  joint statement to be produced on issues of common ground and matters in dispute between expert witnesses
Next available date after 12 November:  pre-trial review

We're off to Birmingham later this week for the case conference with our solicitor from Russell Jones and Walker, counsel Ivan Bowley, and the engineering specialist, Ian Glendenning.  It won't take all day, so we'll have our cameras with us and will make the most of the opportunity to do something enjoyable......

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