Monday 20 July 2009

Those words you like to hear (or read)

It's funny how just a few words can lift the spirits.

Here's just a small selection of words and phrases that have had that effect on me/us recently:

"I'm still hungry" Steve, this evening

"I feel remarkably like I'm getting back to normal" Steve, earlier today

"I think I've got my appetite back" Steve, yesterday

"My temperature has gone down" Steve, on and off over the last few days

"Your booking is confirmed" earlier this afternoon (somewhere nice to stay in Huddersfield when we visit Katie this coming weekend)

"We have double booked the studio (our mistake) but can offer you an upgrade to a two bed apartment at no extra charge" Heritage Lofts, a few minutes later (somewhere even nicer to stay!)

"You bid has been successful" E-bay, earlier today (a computer for Katie, to replace the one that's just died...)

"Next year I should have some really good project work to be proud of, along with enough spare time for a part time job and any time off, if I need it", Katie's plans for the next academic year

"I've brought you something from the allotment" a bag of freshly picked lettuces, courgettes, fennel, and raspberries from Jean, this weekend

"It's good to see you both looking so well!" Rebecca, who dropped by last Friday

"Come here and let me give you both a big hug" Athena, when we bumped into her walking into town last week

"You would be welcome here any time, as you know..." e-mail from Andy and Dave, Peak District

"We're back. Come round for a meal tomorrow?" Ian and Ruth, back from Vietnam for a short visit (the answer was yes, thank you, and jolly good it was too!)

"Keep blogging...I appreciate being in touch with you, without having to bother you", Maralyn in Bognor

"You sound amazingly determined and as positive as possible in the circumstances - well done!" Angela in Brussels

...not to mention all the other e-mails, cards, messages and uplifting conversations which have helped keep us feeling positive over this last month or so....

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