Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Almost normal .......Cycle 1: Days 5, 6 and 7

Three whole days with no hospital appointments. What to do on this long weekend off?

Boring though it sounds, just being able to walk into town for a dose of browsing and retail therapy on Saturday had its peculiar attraction, being such a routine, everyday activity at a time when hospital visits for chemotherapy have become the norm.

After a showery start, the sun came out at lunchtime on Sunday for Roger and Stella's lunch in the garden at Cothill. It was good to meet up with friends who go back a long, long way and to catch up on news of allotments, children, grandchildren, work and leisure, and an imminent retirement. The garden looked splendid, the food and wine were excellent, as was the company - thanks Stella and Roger for a very enjoyable afternoon and to everyone for their good wishes and support.

Going to London for a work-related meeting on Monday reinforced the feeling that things were almost normal. Although I was anxious about leaving Steve alone for more than an hour or two, I needn't have worried unduly - he had a quiet day and managed to stay awake till our usual bed time.

How nice to be almost normal for a change!

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