Wednesday, 1 July 2009


And so the treatment begins...

First radiotherapy session this afternoon - Steve did not emerge glowing like the kid on the breakfast cereal advertisement, or something from The Simpsons opening credits.  The most difficult bit (after finding somewhere to park the car) was lying still on his left side, with all the weight on the shoulder where he'd had the pneumococcal jab two days ago, which is still a bit painful.  

No sunbathing for him whilst this treatment is in progress - he'll develop his own tan without exposure.  A wash with simple soap and a dollop of aqueous cream is all that's needed to treat the affected area.  No signs of any side effects in the first few hours post-zapping.  Fingers crossed it will stay that way for the duration.

Tomorrow we have a day off from hospital visits (the first and only "free" day this working week).  Back for second zapping session on Friday. 

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