Monday 29 June 2009


If you have ever been on a Log Flume at a theme park, you'll have some idea of how we are feeling at present. The last two weeks have felt like the long, slow haul up the slope, when you become increasingly aware of how far up it is, you know that there's no escape, and you feel excited and scared in turn at the prospect of what awaits you.

Today we reached the top of the slope, and have leveled out for a few moments to allow preparations to be finalized and the treatment programme put in place, before it's all systems go.

The pneumococcal jab this morning should help Steve fend off the worst chest infections he is likely to encounter over the summer. There will be a winter flu jab with his name on it waiting for him when the chemotherapy course is over later in the year.

He spent some time in the "simulator room" at the hospital this afternoon, not pretending to fly planes but getting used to lying down the hard, narrow bench so that he knows what it will feel like when the radiotherapy starts later in the week. He's been measured up for zapping using circular plastic templates to focus the electrons on the vulnerable "port" areas where the chest drain and thoracosopy camera were inserted, and now has a little abstract design on the side of his chest in ink, which will wash or rub off soon. No mask as such (pity - that would have made a good photo and a talking point at halloween parties).

We even have a pass to allow us to park the car for free on the three return visits for treatment on Wednesday and Friday this week, and on Monday next week.

Preparation for Phase 1 is now complete and ready to go.

Back to the hospital again tomorrow to prepare for the Phase 2 chemotherapy treatment which will follow on. More on that soon.....

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