Saturday 27 June 2009

One in ten / I'm a survivor

Search on mesothelioma survival rates and you will find a huge variation in life expectancy depending on which website you visit, from 4 months - 5 years.  About 40% of mesothelioma victims live for at least a year after diagnosis, whilst 10% survive at least five years.  A few people live significantly longer.  Survival rates are much better than 20 years ago and have continued to improve over the last five years. People who choose take part in clinical trials tend to survive longer.  

I said in an earlier post that Steve's prognosis is uncertain due to the many variables involved and the crudity of applying such data to individuals.  However, we now know that Leo is living just in one lung.  Steve's age, otherwise generally good health (when was the last time you 60-somethings ran 3-5km?) and the fact that he stopped smoking over 20 years ago all weigh in his favour.  Plus (we hope) he'll be taking part in a clinical trial.  This suggests that he has a good chance to number amongst the one in ten who live for at least five years post-diagnosis.  

Leo - you'd better watch out.  Steve's a fighter. He'll take you on one day at a time and he's got a great team supporting him.

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