Monday 17 March 2014

VanSel 1 drug trial - Cycle 2 Day 1 : Good to go!

Just a brief update to let you know that Steve's ECG, bloods, other observations and physical examination this morning were good, so he's been given the all clear to start Cycle 2 of the VanSel Early Phase drug trial.  This will be staying with the reduced dose of vandetanib he's been taking this last week, so as to minimise the risk of harming his heart rhythm.

We continue with the weekly visits to hospital during this cycle (plus two days a week when giving research bloods over a 24 hour period).  There will be extra ECGs to check his heart's "QT Interval" over the next couple of weeks, just incase it gets prolonged again, as it did in cycle 1.  

This cycle of treatment is only 28 days (unlike cycle 1 which was 42 days).  At the end of cycle 2, Steve will have a scan and we will then find out what effect the trial drugs have had on the mesothelioma.

I think we are better equipped mentally now to deal with with the side effects of treatment, and can be just a little more relaxed about the times when Steve takes his medication.  As long as it's within a one hour window, all should be no need to worry about what to do when the clocks go forward at the start of British Summer Time next weekend - something that had been bothering us a little!  We have also been given an expenses sheet to reclaim travel costs, which is helpful.

So....Cycle 2, here we go!

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