Sunday, 19 May 2013

winding down and winding up

Like many meso warriors and their families, we live our lives three months at a time - from hospital assessment to hospital assessment, which in Steve's case happens in March, June, September and December.  

As we move into the second half of May, I am very much aware that the next assessment is due in just over two weeks time and that the outcome of that appointment will determine what happens to us over the summer.

This is the period in the quarterly cycle of our lives when, in the past, I have become increasingly stressed, although Steve somehow manages to adopt a more sanguine attitude. In my case, the answer to managing this stress is to have lots of distractions, the more pleasurable the better! So....instead of winding down and getting worried, we are winding up to our next adventure.  More of that soon!

By strange coincidence, some other areas of our lives have been winding down in the sense that some of the things that one or both of us have been involved in over recent months have come to a successful conclusion.  

The sale of Steve's mum's house in Bristol has been completed at long last and the Lasting Power of Attorney has now been registered. That's a big load off the family's minds, although the finish of these processes marks the start of new responsibilities for Steve and his brother.

The Best Shots photography competition, which I've been involved in as a first round judge since last November, closed earlier this month.  All the images had been assessed by last week, and the next round of judging to select the 100 best shots is in progress.  I hope very much that we will be able to see those that made the final cut when the exhibition launches in July at The Station gallery in Richmond, Yorkshire.  However, that is a couple of months away so we shall have to wait and see...

Since June last year, I have been one of three gallery admins on Fotoblur, a photographic website where I have posted images more or less since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009. That role too has now come to an end, so it will interesting to see how the new way of doing things develops.

In other respects, life this last week has been very "normal".  I have been working for the States of Guernsey. Steve has been working in the house; outside, the hedge which sprang into life recently has had its first cut of the season and the inside the cobwebs have been removed.  

But "normal" is about to change into adventure time. There will now be a short intermission as they say :-) 

But I am finishing today's post by sending lots of love and hugs to the all the meso warriors and their carers, especially those who are having a tough time with pain (Jan in particular); those who are going through, or shortly to be starting, chemo (Tess whose treatment is in progress; Debbie and Mavis who have been waiting a while to get back into the battle, and Steve in Australia whose has been forced to put his dreams on hold by the unexpected news that his cancer is growing again) and the other warriors on Facebook who don't blog but do share their news from time to time.  We'll be thinking of you all, even if you don't hear from us for a little while...


  1. I am so pleased for you both, It will be great for you both to enjoy the summer months without worry once again. Those camera shutters will be blinking faster than normal as you too shoot away the summer.
    Love Jan

    1. Remains to be seen what life will be like over the summer Jan. That depends on news from the next assessment on 6 June. However, we will be enjoying another of life's little adventures before then :-)

  2. I am suitably intrigued by what you have planned - look forward to hearing all about it.