Wednesday, 8 May 2013

changing plans

After the high of ascending The Shard in London on May Day, we were looking forward to going up again at the weekend, but this time in Bristol, in a hot air balloon.  

Although there was wall-to-wall blue sky and sunshine, sadly the wind was too strong to take off, so the flight was cancelled yet again.  I've lost track now of how many times this has happened since our first failed attempt to drift over Bristol in a hot air balloon as part of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta mass ascent in 2011.  No matter.  We have re-booked for a date in early June, so we still have another something special to look forward to before Steve's next hospital assessment...

At least being in Bristol, changing plans meant that we could spend some time with son Jack and visit Steve's mum in her care home.  We also crossed paths with Steve's brother and his wife who were at the care home when we arrived, so enjoyed an unexpected opportunity to swap news with them too.

However, things have gone to plan for us over the last two days - Wride and Company's accounts have been finished and the paperwork sorted out ready for a session with the accountant yesterday afternoon, so she can file our returns to HMRC and Companies House in time to meet the deadline.  First year of trading over, not quite as planned as we cleared the work diary for six months while Steve was having chemo. But we are still in business and getting back (very modestly) into the swing of things now, taking care to keep the life-work balance weighted very firmly on the side of life.

Another change of plan today. We had tickets to go to Grand Designs Live at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London, with the idea that it might kick start us into some action on the house and garden front. In truth however, it was just another excuse to put off doing some of the jobs that need doing, especially now spring is here and the sun is showing up all the dust and cobwebs!  So rather than head off to London, we have worked up a bit of a sweat spring cleaning instead, spurred on by the thoughts of people staying this weekend.  

Unless plans change in the meantime, it's a very early start for me tomorrow as I head off to Stowe on the Wold with some other photographers from Oxford Photographic Society for a photo shoot at the Gypsy Horse Fair. Must go and get everything ready now, so that I'm not late tomorrow morning.  Steve on the other hand will be enjoying a well earned rest after his hard work today!

Last but least, it's a special day for another member of the family - daughter Katie's birthday.  Happy birthday Katie - enjoy your cake and the meal out tonight!  Sending lots of love from us xxxx  

Also sending love to the meso warriors, especially Debbie who has been in hospital again with aspiration pneumonia and Janelle who is fighting for her life in hospital, in the states. Thinking of you and your family x

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  1. We were sitting in the garden last weekend in Hampshire when a hot air balloon passed just above the house- and i wondered if your trip had happened yet, one day, one day !!!

    We have rebooked Ray's flying experience for the next may bank holiday - so it is a race to see who is going to get into the air first