Saturday 24 September 2011

heat wave

There's been a heat wave here.  Temperature rose to over 39 degrees C on Wednesday and stayed there until this morning.  It's now down to a more comfortable 38C.  

No - I'm not referring to the effect of global warming on Oxford's micro-climate.  Only me laid low with a bug this last week, which is now on it's way out now I hope.  Just another example that life goes on with its normal ups and downs, even while you are grappling with big issues like incurable cancer.  

Other things are not going to plan at the moment.  The visitors we were expecting this weekend can't make it after all, and my arrangements for walking the next stretch of the London Loop have been put on hold for reasons outside my walking partner's control. Will be thinking of you Sarah - good luck!  As a result, we have an unexpected "window of opportunity" to do whatever takes our fancy over the next week.  A great opportunity to make the most of the warm sunny weather the Met Office is forecasting.  I'm so glad I will have recovered from my personal heat wave before the weather hots up.  

Looking further forward, all being well, we will soon be meeting up with other members of the mesothelioma community in the UK.  Following the blogs of other meso warriors means we feel like old friends, even though we have only met once before in the flesh.  It will be good to see each other face-to-face!

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