Monday 14 March 2011

another tick in the box

Although it was hard work last Thursday, hanging the exhibition in the Gallery at Chipping Norton Theatre went smoothly and we were pleased with the end result. We were joined on Saturday by Sarah, who helped us to prepare and calmed the nerves on Sunday as we waited for guests to arrive at the private view.  I'm relieved and delighted to say that the show was well received by everyone who made it to the launch.  Thank you all for making the effort to come, whether it was just a short walk from home, a longer drive from further afield or a train journey followed by an energetic cycle ride over the Cotswolds.  Thanks also for all the wonderful comments in the visitors book - I hope there will be many more over the next three weeks while the exhibition is running!

That's one of the big events of March ticked off successfully. There are more to follow this week.  I'm off to Bristol on Wednesday and London on Friday for two last work-related meetings before my final day of service at the end of the month.  However, the BIG event of the week is Steve's next assessment on Thursday when we will find out what's been happening inside over the last three months. 

If you want to know whether Leo is still sleeping peacefully or getting up to mischief, you will need to check back later this week.  As anyone with mesothelioma will tell you, the build up to an assessment and the wait to hear the results of scans is a nerve wracking time. Trying to stay positive....


  1. Good luck with the check up, I will have my fingers crossed for you. xx

  2. Thanks Ronny - good to hear from you!

  3. Very nerve racking indeed good luck xxx