Friday, 18 March 2011

tears before bedtime

It's been another emotional day, one way or another.

I thought the pent-up stress of waiting for Steve's assessment yesterday was all under control, especially given the wonderful news that his condition is still stable. However, these days the emotions are never far below the surface.....

....They bubbled up again this afternoon as I tried to say a last farewell to my work sub-group at a meeting in London, when presented a goodbye gift and card. The two others members of the group who are also leaving gave eloquent speeches which they had obviously thought about carefully beforehand. However, I hadn't prepared anything - there have been other things on my mind in the recent weeks culminating in yesterday's hospital assessment. All I could manage was a tearful thank you.  What a big softie I am.....

I couldn't face opening the card and present at the time, but have done so now, back at home, where only Steve can see the tears welling up again. Hopefully, by the end of next week (by which time the last report will be finished and I'll be ready to start packing up the home office) I'll be able to say thank you in writing a bit more coherently than I did today.  At least no one will see if the chin wobbles when I hit the send button!

While I've been in London, Steve has been busy printing and packing the images that we are submitting for the RPS International Print Exhibition.  These have now been collected by courier and are safely on their way to Bath in time for Monday's deadline. Neither of us feel very confident, but hey ho....nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Time to put on our red noses, open a bottle and turn on the TV for a bit of Comic Relief!  No doubt there will be more tears before bedtime as we are laughing uncontrollably one minute then watching in horror the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves the next.  Well done Kieran (meso warrior Debbie's son in Plymouth) for raising money by dyeing his hair red for red nose day!  As I haven't done anything funny for money this year, I will donate my leaving collection to Comic Relief and Mesothelioma UK in the hope that it will help bring smiles instead of tears.

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