Saturday 5 February 2011

when will they ever learn?

Steve is a happy bunny because England won the first of the Six Nations rugby matches last night.

I am a happy bunny because I have just finished the words for a photography magazine feature and have been told that it will include eight of my images.

We are both very angry bunnies about a request for a loan guarantee for 58 million dollars from the province of Quebec, to revitalize the Jeffrey asbestos mine in the town of Asbestos, Canada, and to sell asbestos to countries like India, Pakistan and Vietnam where the approach to workplace safety is less than ideal.  

In a civilized world where an increasing number of countries are banning the use of asbestos, how on earth can anyone in their right mind want to pursue this course of action?  If the Canadian Government has that sort of money going spare it ought to be be plowed into removing asbestos from the country's buildings, supporting those struck down with asbestos-related diseases through no fault of their own and invested into research to find a cure for mesothelioma, which has yet to peak in terms of the numbers of people diagnosed.  

Arguments about the type of asbestos mined simply don't hold water.  There is no known safe dose when it comes to inhaling or ingesting asbestos, regardless of whether its blue (crocidolite), brown (armosite) or white (chrysotile).  

When will they ever learn?

To find out more follow the link on the right to Asbestos Jeffrey Mine, Canada under Raising Awareness

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