Friday 4 February 2011

rabbits and bees

Happy New Year!  I started today's post very late on the first day of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit and I hope it's a good one for you all.

We are more like busy bees than rabbits at the moment which is why tonight's blog is concise to say the least!

Steve has been updating the Oxford Studio website, printing pictures and running the house - shopping, housework, sorting out the insurance.  He's had yet another version of his witness statement for the damages court case to check and sign.  I've lost track of which version this is!

I've been working flat out preparing for next week's hearings in London, and squeezing in a bit of preparation for the forthcoming exhibition, words for the photography magazine feature and trying to stay calm....

It's gone midnight as I've been finishing today's brief post - how quickly time flies.  This unusually intense pace of life is set to continue for the next few weeks, so don't panic if there are long gaps in the blog - we are just busy, busy, busy....

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