Sunday 13 February 2011

arrivals and departures

Our house been a bit like the arrivals and departures lounge at a transport interchange this last week. 

Katie arrived late last Sunday and left on Thursday, having benefitted from a few days of personal space and time. I left for London on Tuesday and returned Friday evening, having held two hearing sessions and pounded the streets of south west London looking at sites in between. 

Steve has been providing a taxi service for the ladies in his life, collecting daughter and heavy suitcase from the station and taking her back again four days later, and driving wife (and a small forest-worth of documents) to the hotel in Wimbledon, on to the Civic Centre the next morning, and doing the return round trip two days later. No wonder we both feel a little disorientated.......

As we'll be doing a repeat of the London round trip next week, we're trying to cram a lot into this weekend - catching up on post, e-mails and other news; swapping out paperwork for next week's hearings; re-packing the case with clean clothes and supplies.  There are several birthdays coming up - some cards are posted already, the rest will be sent tomorrow.  We are amazed to think that our great niece Esme is almost a year old - the last twelve months have flown by!

It's almost 20 months since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma, but we'll put together our thoughts on that subject next weekend, by which time (we hope) the pace of life will be slightly less hectic.  However, I can share some other good news which is now in the public domain - a selection of my images will be featured in Issue 9 of Fotoblur Magazine, which is due to be published late February/early March. If you are curious, you can find out a little more by going to

Now it's time to tick off some more things on the "to do" list before we're off on our travels again......Last but not least, happy birthdays to Peter and Paula, Kate and Esme.  Hope to see you all soon!

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