Wednesday, 6 January 2010

White out

17 cm of the white stuff overnight, and it's still falling as I write....thank goodness chemo is over and we don't have to try to battle our way to hospital through the snow this Tuesday.

Although treatment is over, Steve still has the odd moments of nausea - usually when he needs to eat - and although the emergency bedside bucket was put away for one day, it came out again, rather like having a comfort blanket close at hand, just in case....  

It's over six weeks since the last dose of Velcade was given, and eight weeks exactly since the last dose of Cisplatin. Who would have thought that the side effects of chemotherapy would last so long?  Let's hope things have changed for the better in that respect in eight weeks time, when it will be Steve's birthday.

Now the Christmas decorations are down (though yet to be put away) it really does feel like we are into the new year, rather than the festive season which marks the transition between one year and the next.  With no meso "treatment" planned in the foreseeable future, we feel somewhat apprehensive about leaving Leo to his own devices (and that's an understatement, if truth be told).  The next assessment isn't until March, which seems like a long time to wait to see what he's been up to....hopefully nothing much, in hibernation with a bit of luck!

I have just had my employer's approval to a request for 13 weeks special leave, in addition to the 13 weeks non-available time I already have working 75% fte. So, by the end of March when I should have finished my current development plan work, we'll have a long period of free time to enjoy ourselves.  Keep your fingers crossed that Leo continues to behave himself and doesn't spoil the fun. 

In the meantime, there are other things to look forward to - Sue's party this weekend, when we will finally meet the famous chickens; Valentine's Day in February - time to do something very romantic, I think; the RHS photography competition prize-giving event - more of that another time; an extra-special meal out at a Michelin star inn, a gift from Maralyn, a friend from school days; plus some time off to do celebrate Steve's birthday in early March, may be in Cornwall. 

Arrangements are in place, or visits pencilled in, to see other friends in the coming weeks and months, and there will be trips to see Jack and family in Bristol and Katie and George in Yorkshire....always assuming the snow and ice have disappeared by then!  

Take care out there, everyone...

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