Sunday 3 January 2010

Good start to the New Year

We were delighted that so many of our friends, neighbours (and ex-neighbours!) were able to join us last night to welcome in the new year and celebrate the fact that Steve is still very much alive and kicking, some six and a half months after mesothelioma diagnosis last June.  It was wonderful to meet up with all of you, especially those we have not seen since New Year's Eve 2008 - still a bit of a blur- if not longer!  Great also to see old friends bumping into each other after long separations and new links being forged.  Thank you all for the wine and for the unexpected gifts, which we have only just got round to looking at properly. So generous and very much appreciated.

Steve is feeling a little fragile today, but that's nothing to do with Leo.  It's as a result of staying up late talking with Katie and George and everyone else had left, not going to bed until 2.30 am, and drinking rather more wine than usual.....

.......I think it will be an early night tonight

But before then, a welcome to the world to Balthazar, born in Bali on 30 December 2009 to proud parents Ollie and Anya.  Much love to you and all the family, including grandparents Ian and Ruth and (now auntie) Emily.  We look forward to following your progress on your website!

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