Thursday, 25 September 2014

The storm before the lull

If all goes well, Steve will start his new drug trial next week and life will settle down in a gentle pattern based around hospital visits....I doubt whether there will be much excitement, just the anxious wait for side effects to show themselves...or not as the case maybe...and for the results of the scan after six weeks to see if the trial drug has had any effect.

Before this lull in our daily lives, we have been fought up in a storm of activity over the last week, packing in as much as we can, while we still can...

Two day trips to London over the "Open House" weekend, combining tours of interesting buildings not normally open to the public with social get togethers - our friend Sarah on Saturday and daughter Katie on Sunday.

Two day trips to Bristol - one planned, to visit Steve's mum and do some shopping, the other unscheduled to do a bit of emergency maintenance on our son's house while he is in London.

Two hospital visits, one to sign the drug trial consent form and have a baseline scan, the other for the rest of the pre-trial tests to make sure Steve is fit enough to take part.

In between all these day trips, we've done a bit more work on the garden - some more plants in the ground and two garden storage boxes assembled and filled up with stuff.  It's all coming together nicely!

Tomorrow we are off on another adventure to a place we have never visited before to meet some "old" friends and make some new ones I hope.  Last chance to get away before life revolves hospital visits.  Have a good weekend, everyone, wherever you are ...especially the brave meso warriors x

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