Wednesday 4 December 2013

negative to positive...for now, at least

What does it take to turn us from being a bit grumpy into feeling much happier?

  • some sunshine and blue skies
  • a photo featured in the Guardian Weekend Magazine
  • a "Topping Out" ceremony for Osney Lock Hydro, a community-led and funded renewable energy scheme on the River Thames, close to home, which we have supported
  • an evening get-together in Bristol with friends from my time at PINS, including drinks in the Old Fish Market, a good meal at Giuseppe's On The Steps, and an overnight stay sharing a city centre apartment with Baz and Lynne who were very good company

  • seeing Steve's mum looking relaxed and happy
  • having an enjoyable lunch with our son Jack before returning home to Oxford this evening
With help from family and friends, we have gone from feeling negative to positive in the space of a few days.  How we feel tomorrow will depend on the outcome of Steve's hospital appointment.

Assessment Day is nigh.....

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