Thursday, 28 November 2013

little sparks of light in the gloom

Oxford has been shrouded in low, dense, dull cloud for the last few days and I think it's affected our mood and how we feel physically.

We both have low level infections which seem to be lingering - Steve still has sore eyes and a runny nose which is making him cough from time to time; I still have the remains of a cough and lack energy.  I wasn't totally surprised to hear that a recent blood donation was rejected because of a "non-specific laboratory result"...No health significance - just a bug - but a nuisance, nonetheless.

When you don't feel 100%, little things which wouldn't normally bother you become annoying or frustrating - like the watch repair that takes a month instead of 7-10 days; the camera won in a competition at the end of September which has yet to appear; the lightbulb that leaps out of the fitting and blows the fuse; the Saniflo unit that won't turn off....grumble, grumble, grumble...

Image courtesy of Dawn Machell

Such trivial matters pale into insignificance in the face of whats happened in the last few days to the mesothelioma community.  Every day Facebook has brought news of the death of yet more meso warriors, leaving behind heartbroken families deprived of their loved ones.  It seems to be a particularly bad time at the moment....

...And then John Bridle writes in the Times that 90% of all asbestos claims are spurious!  If you believe that, then please inform yourself about this man's vested interests, his own spurious claims and criminal record by clicking here .

We were hoping to enjoy a special event yesterday, but sadly that didn't come to fruition, so these last few days there has been little to distract us  - or me at least - from thoughts of Steve's assessment next week.

However, there have been some little sparks of light to brighten up the gloom.  Good news on the mesothelioma front for warriors Lou in Australia and for Tess in Kent following their scans and meetings with consultants.  Good news on the photography front too, with the sale of a print from a recent exhibition; two images published on in one day and a couple of images to be featured in Digital Camera magazine in the New Year.  

The first Christmas card has arrived, as have most of the presents ordered online.  At least it feels like we have made a start on our festive preparations now!

If the weather forecast is to be believed, we might see a patch of blue sky and some sunshine in the coming days. And there's a social event in Bristol to look forward to next week, before Assessment Day.  

Time to put Mrs Grumpy back in the box and start picking up on those positive thoughts again.....

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