Monday 28 January 2013


The build up started on Friday, when Steve went to the GP's surgery for his vitamin B12 injection....

Yesterday, he started taking steroid anti-sickness tablets. 

Today, it was hospital to have his bloods tested, an X-ray taken and a session with the lead chemo nurse to discuss side effects during chemo cycle 5.

Late this afternoon, we had the call back - the bloods and X-ray are fine.  Haemoglobin levels have dropped back, so Steve will need another blood transfusion, but apart from that it's all systems go!

Tomorrow, we'll be back in hospital again for chemo session 6, the last in this chemotherapy regime of Alimta (pemetrexed) and carboplatin.  

In some ways, it seems like an age since this regime started last October.  In other ways, it's gone quite quickly. I can say however, that we are both glad that this will be the last session.  Steve looks forward to the side effects wearing off; taste buds going back to normal and being able to enjoy food again; energy levels going back up; his hair thickening up again - its noticeably thinned out over the last few months; no more runny nose or stinging eyes, which is what has been causing him problems recently...

It will be lovely to be able to look a little further ahead than three weeks at a time, especially now it feels like spring is just around the corner.  The last of the snow has been washed away by rain, the bluebells are appearing in the garden and the birds are singing loudly...  

We've still got the last 21 day cycle to go through - a blood transfusion, more anti-sickness medication and the side effects of the meds and chemo.  What will happen this time, I wonder?  Each cycle has been that bit different.....Then there's a scan in a few weeks time, and the clinic appointment to discuss the results with the doctor at the end of February. 

The results after four cycles were positive.  Here's hoping there will be more good news after two more cycles of treatment, just in time for Steve's birthday in early March. Now wouldn't that be the best birthday present ever?


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