Sunday, 20 January 2013

A whiter shade of pale

Our world turned white on Friday as a good 6 inches of snow fell during the day.  In the brief lull between snowstorms on Saturday, the local park grew three giant snowmen.  Today, Oxford turned a whiter shade of pale as the snow came back and continues to fall as I write.

Our plans to travel to Bristol to help finish sorting and clearing the house where Steve's mum used to live disappeared quickly as the garden vanished under its blanket of white.  Very cold air is not good for those with compromised lungs.  Wisely, Steve has decided to stay put, warm and cosy inside.  No excuses now, it's time to finish his accounts and file a tax return by the end of the month.

I ventured out on Friday night, tempted by the opportunity to do a photo shoot at a Rat Pack tribute show, on for one night only at a local theatre.  Although sold out, the theatre was half empty because of the travel disruption caused by the snow. However, the empty seats meant I could get some good shots from the front row, even though it meant being picked on to dance with "Sammy Davis Junior" as "Sinatra" crooned at us from the stage!  

So....rather than post pictures of the snow, here's what happened when Las Vegas came to Oxford, along with "Dean Martin", "Frank Sinatra", "Sammy Davis Junior" and their troupe of dancers and musicians :-)

Stay warm and safe, whether you are adventurous enough to brave the elements outside or, like us, prefer to enjoy views of the winter wonderland from inside, framed by windows....

I finish today's post with big hugs for Tess, who heard on Friday that she has disease progression, for Tracey whose dad died yesterday as a result of mesothelioma, and for all the meso warriors and their carers out there who deserve lots of cuddles to help them through the difficult times.   

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