Sunday, 16 December 2012

It's getting to feel a bit like Christmas... Chemo cycle 4, week 1

Its the end of week 1 of Steve's fourth cycle of pemetrexed (Alimta) and carboplatin, and so far there have been no nasty surprises.  In fact, things have gone pretty much as expected.  

Whilst they lasted, the anti-sickness drugs have worked well.  The steroid Dexamethasone has given Steve a boost, so much so that we managed to get out and about earlier in the week to get Christmas presents and a tree, printed the remainder of the Christmas cards and earlier today posted all those that will not be delivered by hand.

The mantlepiece is overflowing with cards from others and we have enjoyed catching up with news in the Christmas letters.  The tree is in place and festooned with lights, although the rest of the decorations can wait until tomorrow when we are feeling a bit fresher. There's even a new wreath on the front door.  All in all, it's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas!

Also as expected, as the steroid medication has reduced and finally stopped on Friday, Steve's energy levels have gone down too and there have been one or two occasions when he has felt nauseas.  However, nothing so bad as to justify taking metoclopramide pills which he hates!  

He's off to the GP tomorrow to have a haemoglobin blood test as the Hb levels were low at the start of the week, which may well be a sign of anaemia and the need for a blood transfusion.  We'll have to wait and see.  

We are still waiting for an appointment for a scan.  This is supposed to happen before Christmas so that the results are available for Steve's check up on 27 December. We are running out of days! If nothing comes in tomorrow's post, we'll have to phone the hospital to see what's happening.  

I really don't know why they don't offer people the choice of having appointments confirmed by e-mail, rather than sending two letters - one with the appointment and another as a reminder - by second class mail.  Not the greatest idea this time of the year!  Plus it would save the NHS both time and money.  Mavis, if you read this, perhaps it's something you can suggest at your next liaison meeting with your local PCT!  

Until we have the scan appointment, we are reluctant to arrange other things this week for fear of creating a clash. However, we are looking forward to having lunch with our friends tomorrow, postponed from last week because of my cold. I think we can be pretty confident that the appointment will not be for next Saturday or Sunday, so other arrangements for family get-togethers should be able to go ahead as planned.

Last but not least, today marks three and a half years since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  I remember wondering back then how many more Christmases we would have together.  Well, it's a little over a week until our fourth festive season since diagnosis, so Christmas wishes can come true!

Enjoy yourselves in this last week before the main festivities begin. I hope our Christmas cards will arrive in time, bringing with them our best wishes, love and thanks for all your support this year.  And big hugs to all the meso warriors, especially those going through treatment at the moment xxxxx.

Here are some more pictures from last week's Santa Run.  Enjoy!  

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