Friday, 16 November 2012

Meso-bloods-meso Part 2

Meso 1

Today it is three years and five months since Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  When I started writing the blog, I would do a review on the 16th day of every month, partly because I had no idea how long the blog would last and partly because things seemed to be happening - and changing - so quickly. I have long since stopped the monthly review - don't want to bore you!  

Suffice it to say that nearly three and a half years since diagnosis and Steve is still going strong.  Second line chemo which started in October knocks him sideways at the start of each three weekly cycle, but so far he has been able to get back up to speed ready for the start of the next cycle.  The good news is that although the chemo knocks Steve sideways, it also seems to be knocking the meso backwards.  As long as it keeps going in the right direction, I think that Steve will want to stay on his chemo bike until he's completed all six laps of the current circuit!

Bloods 1
As I write, Steve is setting off to the GP to get his "bloods" taken for testing to see if he is fit enough to go on to the next cycle of alimta/carboplatin.  I'm sure he will check to see if they take the right number of samples in the correct colour phials after one actual and one potential hiccup before the start of cycles 1 and 2. He will also have his second vitamin B12 injection of this regime (the marmite jab as we call it!) to help his body deal with the side effects of treatment.

Meso 2
All being well, he will start the next chemo cycle on Monday and go into the meso boxing ring for round 3 with Leo....

Let's hope his neutrophil levels are back up to normal today after the lingering sniffle so that he doesn't need to have Bloods 2 done again on Monday morning it check that all is well before the start of treatment - it would be so nice if this next cycle of chemo went off without any hitches!

We will be making the most of this last weekend before round 3 of the meso fight back to visit family, including Steve's mum now (in her new care home) whom we last saw a few days before he started chemotherapy back in early October.  

Enjoy the weekend with your families and love ones!

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  1. glad to hear it is all going well- and thanks for the info from the meeting, I had no idea meso was more common than cervical cancer and melanoma - which seems amazing when you think of the difference in media coverage.

    keep strong and enjoy the weekend- Sunday is supposed to be good weather for once