Monday, 26 November 2012

Flood warning!

After yesterday's "up" we have two potential "downs".

Yesterday I started sneezing.  I know this sounds silly, but I thought it might have been a reaction to getting up close and personal with 100-150 years old textiles at the Ashmolean exhibition.  However, the sneezing and sore eyes carried on last night.  This morning, there's no escaping the fact that I have a streaming cold.  Just a the point in the cycle when Steve is at his most vulnerable to infection.  I just hope that all the vitamin C he's been taking will help him keep the cold germs at bay.  Oh dear.  What timing....

We also have another potential problem that is completely out of our control.  The phone rang as we were having breakfast, and I picked it up to hear a lady from the Environment Agency announcing a flood warning..."Flooding is expected.....Immediate action is required.....Your safety is at risk....River levels on the Thames are very high and are still rising...The river will continue to rise over the next few days.  Property flooding can be expected as a result. More rain is forecast...Take your family, pets and animals to a safe place...." 

I've walked down to the end of the street.  The small green patch at the entrance to the park is now much smaller as the water has risen overnight, and the level measured on the flood gauge is now 56.8m (up from 56.6m yesterday afternoon and 56.5 yesterday morning).  

We are not panicking yet.  The flood gauge has been completely submerged before now and our street has remained dry, although others nearby have gone under water.  However, we are staying alert, keeping an eye on things, and are ready to move the irreplaceable stuff (like photos, the fire-proof box containing passports, house deeds and wills, and the music collection) upstairs along with supplies of food, drink and medicines if necessary.  I do hope not!

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