Sunday 12 August 2012

the Wride family "Olympics"

We've enjoyed dipping in and out of the Olympics for a second week - people doing such amazing stuff but so natural and modest when interviewed about their achievements afterwards....Well done to ALL those who took part, especially those who managed a personal best, a record for their country, or created a new world or Olympic record - not forgetting, of course, all the medal winners!  

Inspired by the last two weeks, here's my version of the Wride family non-sporting events over the same period:

The Job Hunt Marathon
After job hunting for four months since moving to London in April, daughter Katie has been offered work and starts her new job tomorrow! 
Result: A gold medal for Katie

The Promotion High Jump
Son Jack's interview for a higher grade job went well and he has been promoted - well done Jack!
Result: A gold medal for Jack

The Medical Relay 
Leg 1:  Steve's return visit to the Optometrist on Monday morning went well - no signs of a detached retina, which was the initial concern. Not sure whether the spider-shaped floater has gone away, or whether he's just got used to it, but whatever the reason, the outcome is good!
Result: Steve has earned his gold medal
Leg 2: Monday afternoon, the medical relay baton passed to me with a visit to the GP as my chest infection had gone into a third week of coughing and wheezing.  Came out with a course of antibiotics which I hope will help me overcome this nasty bug...
Result: My race is still in progress, but it's looking promising...

The Photography Hurdles
Images submitted to the fine art photography website go through a screening process.  Some are simply not selected - you never know the reason why as there is rarely any feedback from the curators.  Some images go to a vote of 100 members who score on a scale of 1-6; the curators may take votes into account when making the final decision.  Some images (the minority, I'm guessing) are selected for publication without having to clear the voting hurdle.  In the last two weeks, I've had seven images selected for the 1X gallery, six of which went straight to publication - which is quite an achievement :-)  Linda's gallery on 1X
Result:  I think I deserve a gold medal! 

The "Mass Ascent" finale
The finale to our Olympic fortnight should have been taking part in the mass ascent of over 100 hot air balloons at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.  However, the adverse weather conditions which prevented us flying in last year's fiesta and resulted in all subsequent flights over the last 12 months being cancelled chose today to strike yet again - how frustrating is that?  Mind you, woken up at dawn by rumbles of thunder, we knew it was the right decision....I hope that no such bad luck affects the Olympics closing ceremony tonight!

Result:  All flights cancelled this morning.  Steve, you have a new target - next year's Balloon Fiesta, even if we manage to take off in the meantime!

Taff Trail
Looking forward - a big challenge starts tomorrow.  Jack and I will be walking the Taff Trail: 55 miles from Brecon, over the Brecon Beacons and down the Taff valley into Cardiff Bay. It's been touch and go whether to walk or cancel because of my prolonged chest infection.  However, there has been an improvement today which is encouraging. I'm hoping that by the time the course of antibiotics finishes tomorrow, they will have done the job.  However, with little walking practice over the last three + weeks because of the cough, and not much before then, it would have been a challenge in any event.  

I wanted this trek to be a fundraiser for Mesothelioma UK to kick start the pledge I made last year and have yet to action.  However, because of the uncertainty until today about whether the trek would happen at all and the risk that I may yet have to bale out at some point if the fitness is not up to it, I think it wise to treat this as a warm up, and do my miles for meso when there's time to prepare properly!  

Jack has set me a target of rooting out my Brompton folding bike from the back of the garden shed, getting it cleaned up and in good working order so that he can ride it in next years Brompton World Championships as a fundraiser for Mesothelioma UK. Your wish is my command, Jack.  

Keep your fingers crossed that South Wales isn't flooded out next week :-)

Result : to be announced!   

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  1. enjoy your trip to South Wales, you'll be passing close by where I was brought up, so I know the Brecon beacons well.
    Our school trips were often spent there orienteering or something, never mind what the weather was like. Always makes me laugh to hear it is used a training ground for the SAS and imagine us camping out with our emergency ration Mars bars.