Sunday 26 August 2012

the lull

After a house full of guests and all the excitement of the Brompton World Championship last weekend, this week has seen a lull in activity and energy levels.  However, we did visit Bristol yesterday to see Steve's mum and drop in on our son Jack, and we'll be back again next week when things are due to start livening up again!  

I hope that by then that we will be feeling full of energy. At the moment, we are both coughing a little; my long running chest infection stubbornly refuses to clear up completely and now it appears that I might have passed it on to Steve, who is coughing and sniffing a little bit.  What a good job we weren't planning anything special this bank holiday weekend.  Notting Hill Carnival will have to wait for another year!

Whatever you are doing have fun and enjoy the long weekend :-)

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