Thursday, 3 November 2011

For Ronny

In my last blog Crystal ball gazing, a conversation with a friend made me reflect on how quickly health can decline when mesothelioma is on the move.  I was thinking in particular of Ronny (Veronica White) another meso warrior whose blog we follow regularly.  Given a 4-8 month prognosis in July, she wrote in early October how she was not feeling any worse and was hoping that she may yet defy the odds. Those who followed the blog knew that Ronny was very poorly, but you could not help but think she might make it.  

When I wrote about Ronny on 18 October, just before we set off on more adventures, I had no way of knowing that she would die later that day.  We heard the news some time later, with heavy hearts.  We did not know Ronny in person, just through reading her words, but we were nevertheless inspired by her bravery and determination, and the hope and support she offered to others by sharing her story.  

Before she died, Ronny asked her daughter Emily to write the blog so that everyone would know the last page in her journey.  How typical of Ronny to think of others, rather than herself.  If you haven't read it already, I urge you to read it now (link on the right under We are not alone).

Ronny's funeral took place earlier today.  I am sure that tears were shed by many from all over the world who had followed and were touched by Ronny's story. 

The family have set up a Just Giving page for donations to the Heart of Kent hospice, in her memory: 

Not surprisingly, the target has been well exceeded.  

We will all miss you Ronny, such a very special lady.

Image from Debbie's blog Mesothelioma and Me

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