Monday 28 November 2011

and a step forward!

After the hiccups of last week, Steve is on a roll!  Not only is the new bathroom light still firmly holding on to the ceiling, he's also managed to sort out the light fixture in the hall so everywhere looks and feels much brighter.  

The big clear out continues.  More paperwork has been consigned to the recycling bin, including information about mesothelioma printed off in 2002.  I did a double take when I saw that, as Steve wasn't diagnosed until 2009.  Then I remembered that at the time his father died of mesothelioma, the legal advice was not to pursue a claim for compensation as the Bristol shipyard where he had been exposed to asbestos had long since closed and it was unlikely that the company's insurers could be traced.  I think there must have been a legal ruling around 2002 which made us look again at a possible compensation claim. However, the paperwork was daunting and we didn't want to upset Steve's mum by asking her to remember painful details. The forms and leaflets were put to one side and forgotten until almost a decade later.  At least our children won't have the dilemma we faced.

Having cleared more bits and pieces from the loft, we have been able to reorganize the room so it can function a bit better as a guest bedroom as well as being my computer workstation and the home "office".  Even the all-singing-all-dancing printer/scanner/copier is installed and talking to both computers, so that's one of last week's targets hit! Just have to sort out the kitchen sink now......Not looking forward to that job. I think we'll have a day out instead ;-) 

What we really ought to be doing is preparing for Christmas. Some people have it all tied up by now.  We have only just started.  At least we'll be able to print the Christmas cards now - always a good start!

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