Saturday 27 August 2011

a week in pictures

After the excitement of the Brompton World Championship Race last weekend it has been a relatively quiet week here, dominated by pictures of one sort or another.  

We spent a day in London looking at other people's pictures and art installations in Tate Britain, then hopped on the river bus to Tate Modern for a long leisurely lunch enjoying the views of St Paul's Cathedral across the river before taking in some more artwork later that day.

City skyline - Linda

We've collected a print from the Artspool Gallery which was inadvertently left behind at the end of the Artweeks exhibition back in May, and delivered our prints to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) here in Oxford which will be hung later today as part of the Art for Wards exhibition to cheer up patients and staff :-)

Tulips - Steve

Our dear friend and neighour Ludo bravely volunteered to act as a model for our first tentative steps in portrait photography in return for a set of prints.  Only now do I fully appreciate why portrait photographers have assistants, make-up, hair stylists and wardrobe artists to help them!

Ludo supermodel

This is the last weekend of the Coast exhibition at the Cornerstone Gallery, so we'll be back there next week to collect any unsold prints.

Piel Island - Steve

Bank Holiday, Brighton - Linda

Before then, we have plans for the weekend.  However, the main event is weather dependent, so you'll have to drop by next week to see whether or not it happened. I can say that we won't be sitting in the mud at the Reading Festival....been there, done that......why does it always seem to rain over the bank holiday Festival weekend?

Coming back from the NOC this morning, we both noticed that the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour and the light is different, signaling the start of a new season. Steve's next hospital assessment is just over a fortnight away, which means inevitably that tensions and stress levels will start to rise as we wait to find out what's been going on inside over the last three months. Time to keep ourselves occupied with enjoyable things and make the most of any sunshine we can find!  

Last but not least, we send our love to Mavis who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in June 2009, like Steve.  As she says, we have been traveling this journey together. Today is a very special day for Mavis - her 70th birthday. Have a great day Mavis and many happy returns!

Mavis by Ray (I'm guessing!)

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