Wednesday, 17 August 2011

two years, two months, one day....and still counting

When Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma on 16 June 2009, our world fell apart. I could not bring myself to think about what lay ahead. The future was a no-go area.  And here we are, two years, two months and one day since diagnosis and still counting. Steve is very much alive and kicking.  We are living life to the full and trying to make the most of every day (although I must remember to build in some time to relax - chilling out is good too!)

We are both acutely aware that Steve is very fortunate to have had a stable disease for so long. Others have not been so lucky. Today's blog is dedicated to all those with mesothelioma who have lost the fight, their families and friends. It is also dedicated to all the bravo meso warriors who continue to battle the disease, and those who support them so courageously. We follow your stories and share your emotions.  

In particular, today's blog is dedicated to Mavis who will find out on Friday whether she will be taking part in a drug trial at Barts or receiving standard chemo, and to Ronny who started Vinorelbine chemotherapy today, determined to make the most of whatever chance she has of extending her life - as she says, a less than 10% chance of a positive response is still better than no chance at all. Keep up the positive attitude Ronny!  

I am finishing today's with words from Julie in Australia who has discontinued chemotherapy three years post-diagnosis and is now waging her fight on a different level, going with nature.  Although her tumours had grown alarmingly, she remains positive.  She finished her most recent blog with the following words, which express her emotions so eloquently:
Mentally – I think I have come to a very good place.  I have times of feeling completely at peace and acceptance.   Seemingly simple things give me great joy.  I have always believed that bad things are never all bad  Some good comes out of the the worst situations.   Of course there are the times when dark thoughts creep up on me – but these are becoming less often now.   I think we have those thoughts whether we are sick or not.
I hope that when our time comes, we can all find such peace.  Stay warm Julie x

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