Friday 29 July 2011

birthday wishes

In the 12 months since my last birthday, we have ticked off yet another item on the wish list I wrote in 2009 when Steve was first diagnosed with mesothelioma: I sent him a card to mark his one millionth birthday in March (his 64th birthday in "normal" numbers!)  Not only has he reached this milestone, he feels good, has no pain and his condition is stable.  That is the best birthday present I could wish for!  I wish for it to continue in the coming year and beyond.

By the time I write my next birthday wish list, I hope to be able to tell you that we have reached another milestone - our ruby wedding anniversary in May 2012. But that's a long way off.  In the meantime, we have another six weeks to enjoy life before Steve's next hospital assessment in mid-September and a birthday to celebrate this weekend!  

The birthday celebrations kicked off at lunchtime with the arrival of daughter Katie from Manchester.  We are now back home after lunch out, trying to decide whether we can make room for birthday cake this afternoon and whether we will be able to keep going into this evening if we drink a birthday bottle of Prosecco with the cake.  Decisions, decisions :-))

It's been great to read the birthday greetings on Facebook, e-mails and cards - thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make it a special day!

The family celebrations will continue when son Jack arrives in Oxford on Sunday and we join friends for another meal out. In between, we have something else to look forward to - drop by in a few days to find out what we've been up to.

Re-reading this, I feel rather selfish with my birthday wishes - they have been focussed on us.  I wish that everyone with mesothelioma has good news in the coming months, especially those who need it the most.  You know who you are.  Our thoughts are also with Emily, her family and partner Nick - they will know why.  Love to you all.