Sunday 10 April 2011

hot hot hot

Paint the sky blue, switch on the sun and turn up the thermostat - what a wonderful weekend!  

The world came out to play in the brilliant weather and what nicer way to spend it than with friends - a late and very long lunch and leisurely with Jon, Sally and Gina in their garden on Saturday afternoon, great food and wine and company as ever - thank you!  This afternoon we treated ourselves to a National Trust tea with Ian and Ruth at Greys Court.  They earned their chocolate cake by cycling over the Chilterns from Goring station to get there.  I'm afraid we took the easy route by car....Well done you two!  

As the evening wore on, the sun was still shining in the New Theatre where we thoroughly enjoyed the warmth, excitement and energy of a Buena Vista Social Club live performance.  One of those rare occasions when the audience was on its feet, singing, clapping and dancing - what a good job we'd had that chocolate cake earlier on to keep us going....  

One weekend doesn't make a summer, but that was a great beginning!  


  1. Hi Linda
    my partner was diagnosed in Oct 2010, so we are currently going through chemo, he also got a cold this weekend, What was really annoying was it robbed us of the two good days we usually get at the end of the three week phase.
    Still it didn't develop into anything else, so hope all well with you. What are you taking to help the immune system ?

  2. Hi Amanda

    Hope your partner is feeling better?

    I feel for you and your partner going through chemo. You just have to put your heads down and keep going, making the most of the good days at the end of each cycle. I can imagine how frustrating it must have felt to catch a cold at this time - not to say worrying, given the effect that chemo has on the immune system.

    Steve takes daily multivitamins, extra vitamin C, and omega 3 fish oil supplements plus Agarious Blazei (a medicinal mushroom that is a natural source of "beta glucans") all of which are supposed to boost the immune system. He also takes celocoxib - a cox 2 inhibitor for his arthritis (an auto immune disease) which in some cases has been shown to reduce tumours as a side effect.

    IWe don't know whether any of these are making a difference, but he's only had one full blown cold in almost two years so will keep on taking the tablets!