Friday, 22 April 2011

Hot and cold

Steve's throat infection has turned into a common cold - how frustrating is that when the weather is so warm?  The cold itself is not a big issue - we all get them. But when you have mesothelioma and have undergone pleurodesis (the "talc" op which sticks the pleura back together after fluid has been drained from the space in between) there is always a nagging worry that a big cough will undo the glue, open up the gap and allow fluid to build up again.....And the thought is always there in the back of your mind - what if this cough isn't a result of a common cold virus, but the meso flaring up again?

We try to put such thoughts to the back of our minds and concentrate on Easter joys - hot cross buns for breakfast this morning, choosing easter eggs for Esme and Zac our great neice and great nephew, looking forward to meeting up with the wider family in Bristol over the weekend and enjoying the wonderful weather. 

We have more things to look forward to next week. Between then and now, I hope to tick off a few more jobs on the to do list, if I can resist the temptation to sit in the garden with a good book - one of the things I was looking forward to doing after finishing work, but have yet to have the time to indulge!

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