Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Freezing temperatures, snow and associated travel problems and illness have presented us with a few challenges in the run up to Christmas this year. Although my swollen face is now back to normal, my temperature hasn't dropped below 38C for the last 10 days, in spite of two courses of antibiotics.  After the disappointment of having to call off the big family "do" in Bristol last weekend and a meal with friends on Monday because of illness, weather and travel problems, I'm hoping that a relaxed, chilled out Christmas will do the trick and get both temperature and energy levels back to normal to make the most of the festive season

Social events are not the only things that have been postponed recently.  We have now been advised by the solicitor that the court has adjourned Steve's damages case management conference until 28 January 2011.  The particulars of Steve's claim are being amended to include the potential additional sources of exposure to asbestos that have emerged since the original claim was submitted. Whilst maintaining a complete denial of responsibility, it seems that the defendant has objected to further testing for asbestos being undertaken in the building where Steve carried out demolition works as a student back in 1971. It will be for the judge to decide what happens next.  

So much for the challenges of the last few weeks. Now to be positive and look forward! This is the 100th blog of 2010 - just in time for Christmas Eve!  

Almost all of the jigsaw pieces are in place to make this a very special time of the year.  With help from a neighbour, we managed to dig the car out of the snow on Wednesday and are now stocked up with food for the festive season. Postal services have resumed, with bundles of cards being delivered these last three days. It has been wonderful to catch up with everyone's news! There are presents under the tree and the house is now all dressed up for Christmas.  

George will be leaving us shortly to spend time with his family, and Jack is due to arrive in Oxford by train from Bristol this evening.  Here's hoping they both have safe and hassle-free journeys!  

Unless the temperatures rise unexpectedly, the snow which is still blanketing this part of the country will be here when we wake up tomorrow, so it will be a white Christmas, even if nothing falls from the sky.    

Around this time last year, I wrote that unspoken, but there in all our minds, were thoughts of how Steve would be for his next Christmas, the second since he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  I am so delighted and relieved by the fact that his condition remains stable.  May it be so again next year, and for many years to come!  We both appreciate how fortunate Steve is to be in this position and our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones over the last 12 months, for whom Christmas will never be the same again.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and send you our love and best wishes for 2011! 

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