Wednesday 27 October 2010


Because he was undergoing chemotherapy this time last year, Steve was unable to have seasonal/swine flu jabs in the autumn.  As a result, and given his compromised immune system, we had to spend several months being ultra careful to avoid contact with people known to have infections.

It's all different this year, thank goodness. As mesothelioma is a health condition associated with a higher risk of medical complications from influenza, Steve comes into one of the priority groups for the seasonal flu jab. As his carer (well, more of a minder at present!) I fall into the same group. So that's where we've been this morning. Having jabs. More of a scratch, actually.  All highly efficient.  In and out very quickly.  So unlike our experience on this date last year, when it took three nurses several attempts to find a vein in Steve's arm for chemo, and we spent the best part of the day at the hospital......

Although duly jabbed, we won't go courting danger if there's a flu epidemic.  However, at least we feel we've done something to reduce the risk of getting a nasty infection that might harm Steve's lung function.  

Whilst at the surgery, I remembered to ask for my NHS number - my old health card has letters and numbers, which have long since replaced by all number IDs.  Armed with this information, I've been able to apply for a European Health Passport, which should be with us in time for our next trip abroad - something else to look forward to!

If my maths are correct, the next blog will be the 200th! Steve's turn to make a guest appearance on doing something positive, if I can persuade him......

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