Saturday, 8 May 2010

Milestones and celebrations

Looking back at the blog for 19 June 2009, three days after Steve's diagnosis, I wondered out loud how much more time we would have together - would he be here for his next birthday, or mine?  Well, I'm delighted to say both of those milestones have been reached and passed.

No 3 on my birthday wish list blog on 29 July 2009 was that the Wride clan get together at Christmas would be the best yet - and it certainly felt great to be able to carry on the family tradition last year with the side effects of chemo wearing off and in the knowledge that Steve's cancer was stable.  

Today we have reached another milestone - No 4 on the birthday wish list, both of us are here to enjoy celebrating Katie's 21st birthday today

Happy Birthday Katie!

We will pop the cork tonight and raise a glass to you, with lots of love.  Have a great day - see you soon, we hope!

We'll also be celebrating two other bits of good news - my big work report has passed the scrutiny of a peer group review with flying colours, so I don't have the prospect of a major re-write on Monday.  Secondly, one of my photographs has been selected for the RPS 153rd International Print Exhibition, which opens in London in July, then tours round the UK for a year. Steve's image Tulip Sky - blog 28 August 2009 - was selected last year, so I am delighted to be following in his footsteps with Lunch Box:

The next BIG milestone will be my significant birthday at the end of July.  Last year's Birthday wish No 5 was that he would come with me to collect my buss pass and we would jog home together.  We shall see!

In the meantime, there are lots of other things to look forward to and enjoy, starting with the launch of Oxford Artweeks today and the opening of the WOCart exhibition this evening.  

I think we will be having more fun than Messrs Brown, Cameron and Clegg and their respective colleagues.  We live in interesting times........

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