Wednesday 21 April 2010

moving on

Suddenly it feels like we are about to move on.  My big report has been sent into the office, admin has been finished and the work computer is now shut down until after the May Bank Holiday.  The skies have reopened to air traffic and stranded people will soon be able to reach their destinations.  It was quite novel to look up and see vapour trails once more over the London skyline today.  

After a complete break last year, I'm about to resume long distance walking with a promise of fine weather to help me and my friend and walking partner Sarah get back into the trekking habit. I feel more comfortable about leaving Steve to his own devices for one night than I have done for many, many months.  

A long walk will help work up an appetite for a meal out with friends on Sunday - a birthday treat for Sally and a small thank you for all the supportive e-mails, practical help and treats to cheer us up and keep us going over these last 10 months.

We have an appointment in London next week to see a mesothelioma specialist who will prepare Steve's medical report for the damages claim, and then we'll be free to give some thought about how to celebrate wedding anniversary No 38 on May Day.  We've even started to think very tentatively about my significant birthday which is coming up in July - but that's a bit too far into the future at the moment to make any promises in our current circumstances.  

That's one of the problems about living with a time bomb - everything is fine whilst it's stable, but it's lethal when detonated. So you just stay calm, quiet and sleepy Leo and let us enjoy some quality time together, especially now that spring has well and truly arrived and the world is greening up nicely!

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