Friday, 12 February 2016

One step forwards, two steps back as life goes on...

I had intended this blog to be about the nice things that are happening as life goes on after the DNR discussion - weekend visits from Jack and Katie, our grown up kids; Katie's successful property search (selling one flat and buying another in the space of a week, subject to contract); enjoying the Six Nations rugby fest with family and friends; watching the garden spring into life; looking forward to Steve getting his mojo back with music therapy.....but things haven't quite worked out as anticipated.

Over the last week or so, Steve has been complaining on and off about stomach ache and it's become worse each day, with less food being consumed as time passes. 

Although he had been looking forward to it, he didn't feel well enough to go to his first music therapy session on Tuesday, so I had to phone the hospice and cancel. 

He took things easy on Wednesday and managed to make it to the hospital yesterday (Thursday) for the first session of this round of radiotherapy treatment, albeit using the wheelchair for the first time - unplanned...all the nearby Disabled Parking spaces were full and the only space we could find was some distance from Radiotherapy....he knew he couldn't make it under his own steam.  

However, food-wise he only managed a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt for breakfast and barely touched his lunchtime soup, relying on Complan instead. The stomach cramps were worse by the time we returned from hospital and he went to bed early without any food or an evening Complan.  He hardly slept at all and was sick when he first woke up, and again after having a cup of coffee in bed.  

For the first time since diagnosis, I asked the GP to do a home visit as I was increasingly concerned about Steve becoming seriously dehydrated. The doctor has precribed medication to help the digestive process, so I'm hopeful that will do the trick when I can pick it up tomorrow (no pharmacist available to dispense at our local chemist this afternoon).

Steve has spent most of today in bed; eaten nothing and only managed to keep down small sips of water.  Not a good day. Radiotherapy session 2 which should have happened early this evening has been cancelled. They will add an extra session on to the end of the course next week to make up for it, assuming Steve is well enough to continue by then.  

We are now sitting here in limbo....Steve has come downstairs, but still feels unable to eat anything or take in large amounts of fluids. Stomach cramps persist.  He's zizzing off every now and then, probably as a result of the additional doses of morphine taken on an empty stomach.  

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow xxx

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