Sunday 17 January 2016

A big thank you and a cyber hug

The big "thank you" is to all those who have sponsored our son Jack to cycle L'Etape du Tour (a mountain stage of the Tour de France) in July, raising money for the charity Mesothelioma UK. Due to your generosity, he has already surged past the original fundraising target!  

We have been particularly touched by the messages which accompanied the donations, including messages from friends, those who have mesothelioma themselves or whose loved ones have the disease, those who have lost loved ones to meso and those who have found us through the blog.  

So thank you so much for your support Jon and Sally, Anne and Colin, Helen, Mary (O'R), Dave, Chris, Heather, Tom, Tessa, Mike, Lorraine, Mavis, Mary (T), Frances, Karen, Amanda and Ray, Angela and Joanne - not forgetting the person who made the anonymous donation.  You all deserve public recognition!

Jack will post updates from time to time, so we can keep you in the picture as training gets more intensive/interesting (to use his words....).  He is also on Mesothelioma UK's cycling fundraising page, along with others turning wheels to raise money for this good cause.

The cyber hug is for fellow meso blogger Mavis, who has been in hospital for a few days recovering from an infection associated with her PICC line, which is used every two weeks to administer the immunotherapy wonder drug Keytruda.  

If you or your loved one has a PICC line, be sure that the dressing which keeps it in place is replaced weekly, along with the cap at the end of the line to reduce the risk of infection. It should also be flushed regularly to keep it clear and clean. Click here to follow this link to the Macmillan website for more information.  

Mavis is doing well and is due home tomorrow (Monday). Everyone who knows her will heave a huge sigh of relief!   

I'll update you with our news in the next few days x

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