Wednesday 16 December 2015

Six and a half years on: A blog post from Steve :)

Today marks the six and a half year anniversary of Steve's diagnosis with mesothelioma.  Sadly, not many people live as long as he has with this cancer, so to celebrate this mini milestone (and because he hasn't written for ages) I have asked Steve to write something for today's blog.

Steve writes:

Is it my turn again? Well, there's a surprise. Six and a half years, who would have guessed I'd get this far. Makes me wish I took a bet out on my survival all those years ago, one guy with mesothelioma did and made quite a nice little sum. So much for statistics, they're never the whole story.

Looking back over these blog posts, I realise how many good things we've been able to cram in since diagnosis. Although it's not all been plain sailing, I've been very lucky to have had the time I have. A big thank you to Linda for getting me out of my chair and on the road!

That time has also shown me how many friends I have, all wishing me well, it truly is humbling and I don't deserve you. Thank you all for being there.

Talk again in six months time? Why not? See you then.

And now me again....

More good news - at long last, Steve's Attendance Allowance has come through, backdated to September when the application was originally submitted.  I can't bear the thought of going through all the form filling again when applying for for Constant Care allowance, so jumping through that particular hoop that can wait until after the festivities....

We have enjoyed more visits from friends..Jon and Sally came for coffee and pastries which rolled gently into a light lunch on Sunday - easier than going out for a meal, when Steve's appetite is so unpredictable!  Steve has started his Christmas course of steroids, so we are hoping for some improvement on that front over the festive season.

The District Nurses were back again this morning.  I've been shown how to clean and dress Steve's pressure sores, so will act as honorary DN in between their visits which will now be every other week unless there is a problem.  They are also sorting out the lardy cream for dry skin, which seems to have got lost somewhere in the system.  Steve is fantasising about Joanne Whalley "greasing" Micheal Gambon in Dennis Potter's Singing Detective...... (google if this means nothing to you!)

The DNs are going to ask for an Occupational Health Assessment to be arranged to see whether they can suggest any aids or adaptations which will help Steve now he tires so easily on exertion.

We're printing the last batch of Christmas cards, which (all being well) will be written and posted by the end of the week. Just waiting for one more present to be delivered.  The christmas tree is standing in a bucket of water in the garden, ready to be brought indoors for dressing when all the cards and pressies are on their way, and the decorations are on standby ready to go when the table is clear of wrapping paper, lists, cards and envelopes.  

With no planned guests until next week, we ought to have plenty of time to sort ourselves out even taking it easy, lingering coughs notwithstanding....Enjoy the run up to the holidays and don't get stressed xx

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