Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Friends, food, festival fun and mud....lots of mud!

Having decided to make the most of summer without any planned treatment, we got off to a good start last week by being sociable...

....evening drinks with our friend, near neighbour and former work colleague Murray to celebrate his decision to start a new life away from the City Council - we wish him the very best of luck :)

.... a meal out as guests of our dear friends Jonathan and Sally to celebrate Jon's birthday, at a rather wonderful pub called the White Horse, Kings Sutton.  A bit of a drive from here, but worth it.  Thank you Jon and Sally for a wonderful lunch and get together!

....singing, dancing, and eating our way around the world to music at the WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) Festival, Charlton Park on Sunday. We met up with nephew Nick, partner Kate, their delightful daughter Esme and Di (Nick's mum) for a drink and a catch up in the San Frans Disco Bar - a tent complete with drapes, dance floor and glitter ball, 

then later again in the big Siam Tent to listen to Laura Mvula do a great set. 

In between, we caught other bands (our favourite was Red Baraat - Brooklyn meets Banghra - great to dance to).....

....visited the Steam Fair, eat samosas, and churros dipped in chocolate (not at the same time, I hasten to add!) photographed the wonderful silk flags and enjoyed watching people and splashing about in the mud, which was plentiful, deep and wet.  

We finished the full festival experience by forgetting where we had left the car - fortunately Steve remembered and located it in the rain and dark - and getting stuck in the mud trying to get out - and luckily, I was able to push it far enough to get to slightly less muddy ground and we escaped.  All adds to the fun!

More this week - my birthday trip to Bath on Wednesday to deliver a print to the Royal Photographic Society and then go off exploring, and a family weekend to look forward to with daughter Katie and partner Ed and a get together with more friends, followed by a visit to son Jack and Steve's mum....let's hope the sun returns soon....

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