Monday, 8 June 2015

A huge effort and lots of relaxation

Yesterday, while we sat relaxing in the garden with our friends Jonathan and Sally under bright sunshine and blue skies, our son Jack was putting in a great effort to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care by cycling 153k over the Brecon Beacons in the Wiggle Dragon Ride.  

Jack's photo of the Devil's Elbow:  the bit just before it got REALLY steep!
In old money, he cycled a total of 95.7 miles gaining 8,431 ft in elevation.  And he did it in 5 hours:50 minutes, excluding stops.  Well done Jack!  

Many thanks to all those who sponsored him.  If you are impressed by his effort and would like to show your appreciation, Jack's Just Giving page is still open for donations. You can access the link by clicking here 

Our efforts have been much more modest, including one trip to Bristol to see Jack and visit Steve's mum in her nursing home....although the latter was a bit scary - there was a hoist beside her empty bed when we arrived and we feared the worst.  As it happened, she had simply been moved to another room just down the corridor....But sadly, this time she didn't wake up, kisses and caresses notwithstanding.

The rest of the time since my last post has just been day-to-day stuff, plus a visit to the GP due to temporary problem with hearing, now cured by inflating a balloon by blowing through one nostril (no - I kid you not...Otovent designed for kids, even a grown up like me can do it!) plus an appointment to see the spinal surgeon about my back.  

I'll stay on the list for surgery in the longer term, but have opted for another nerve root block injection to deal with pain in the interim.  When you care for someone with incurable cancer like mesothelioma you tend to think twice before undergoing a major operation yourself, especially if the problem doesn't affect day-to-day life other than causing pain which can be managed effectively in less drastic ways, as in my case. 

Steve has noticed a bit more breathlessness recently when running up and down stairs, but nothing too debilitating. Consequently, we have finalised plans for our next adventure arrangements, accommodation, car parking and currency...all set to go soon!  But there is another exciting event due to take place next weekend, weather permitting.  More of that in my next post.....

Last but not least, it's been very good news for other meso warriors.  Fellow blogger Mavis in Kent has started her second year on the Keyruda (PD-L1) immunotherapy trial and her tumours continue to shrink, while Lou in Australia is having good results after three doses of the same drug, although the side effects are tough.  We are also thinking of Amanda and Ray who are due to get interim scan results today to see whether he will stay on the "tremi" trial (another immunotherapy drug). Fingers crossed.  

As always, much love to all the meso warriors out there, their families and friends x

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