Monday, 2 June 2014

Back in the system and getting back on track

Steve is back in the "normal" clinic system.  However, we didn't get to see Dr T or one of the usual registrars when he went for his assessment last Thursday.  To our surprise and delight, it was Dr Ioannis - one of the two doctors from the Early Phase Clinical Trials Team he had seen regularly whilst taking part in the Vansel Phase 1 trial earlier this year.

It was an opportunity to update the doctor on the few lingering side effects of treatment - a continuing sensitivity to sunlight; strands of hair still falling out, and energy levels almost, but not quite, back to normal.  In other respects, Steve is feeling good.

Steve told the doctor that he would like to take some time out from treatment to enjoy life after being virtually housebound for several months whilst on the drug trial.  After that rest, he would be up again for taking part in any suitable clinical trials that are recruiting.  Although there are Phase 1 trials open at the moment, Oxford doesn't have any slots available, so Steve's wish to take a break is well timed in that respect.

The next assessment will be in August in the Clinical Trials Clinic.  If Steve has any problems in the meantime, he must get in touch with the hospital and they will see him straight away.  Likewise, if a promising new trial opens which they think might work for him, they will contact us.

With that sorted out, we had the green light to finalise our next adventures. Travel arrangements are in place; accommodation booked; good progress made on researching destinations and what to do when we get there; initial contact made with friends we hope to meet up with on our travels.  

I have work commitments for the next couple of weeks, but we will be taking off very shortly after celebrating five years since Steve's diagnosis, now approaching fast!

Our fellow meso warriors are also going through important phases of their journeys.  

Mavis is due to start a Phase 1 trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital shortly, so we will be keeping a close eye on her progress and wishing her the very best of luck.  

Tess has decided that she has had enough chemo.  She knows her body can't take any more.  However, she is exploring other options and how to make the most of palliative care.  I know she will find ways to improve her life, once she can enjoy it again as the side effects of chemo wear off.

Lou is back on chemo after her trip to the States and it's been tough - but she is a strong, determined woman and with fresh blood inside her. We hope she will soon be feeling the benefits as winter arrives in Australia.  

Amanda and Ray have been on what sounds like an idyllic vista to Italy.  Here's hoping the sunshine will follow them back to the UK, so they can enjoy drinks on their new garden terrace.  

It looks like the grand plans for our garden won't be materialising any time soon, but at least there is some space to sit outside now and enjoy the fresh air!

And on that note, I will finish today's post as work beckons. Here's to a flaming month of June!

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