Thursday 20 February 2014

Action stations: Mesothelioma Priority Setting Partnership (PSP); Saatchi Bill; Access to Medicine and the ADAO

I have written previous posts about the Mesothelioma Priority Setting Partnership, and the Saatchi Bill.  Both of those are now gathering momentum.

The PSP has now launched its survey to help inform future research into mesothelioma diagnosis, treatments and care. You can access the survey by following this link (click here).  A report in the Independent newspaper tells you more: Scientists ask for sufferers of the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma to step forward to boost research.

The official launch of the Saatchi Bill takes place in the House of Lords on the afternoon of 24 February.  The Meso Warriors have been invited to attend. Sadly, we can't take part as it clashes with Steve's hospital appointment but we know that our interests will be well represented by Mavis and the other warriors!  

Another campaign kicks off next month.  Empower Access to Medicine has issued a Call to Action to demonstrate to the Government and Parliament that the lack of progress in drug development affects real people and real lives.  The campaign is hosting a lobby of Parliament on 25 March 4pm-6pm and is looking for patients and/or their families to attend with their constituent MPs so as to get the issue on to the agenda of the back benchers.  If you would like to get involved, please contact the campaign team through the website 

Last but not least, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation (ADAO) invites all meso patients and carers to take part in its survey on the impact of clinical trials on mesothelioma and lung cancer patients.  You can access the survey by clicking on this link then click on the pencil. Closing date 23 February!

Good to see so many things kicking off at this time! 

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  1. thanks for all the updates - good to see there finally seems to be some momentum on getting to grips with the need for research. the spotlight at long last seems to be turning our way - thanks in no small part to so many meso campaigners. Good luck with the trial as well