Saturday, 10 August 2013

Physical and fun

This last week has been a mixture of being physical and having fun.  

The physical bit started in Oxford on Monday, when we dismantled a timber platform in the spare bedroom.  

Designed by Steve and built by both of us over 20 years ago, the structure originally provided extra play space for son Jack, then a sleeping platform for daughter Katie.  In recent years, it has become a storage area for picture frames, mounted prints, spare bedding and cushions.  It has also been the source of many bumped heads for our visitors sleeping on the sofa bed below.  

It was a testament to the strength of the space frame design and quality of the construction that it took us all day to dismantle and remove, but it's done now. It feels like the end of an era, but life goes on....And it's high time the room had a makeover!

The physical bit continued later in the week in Bristol where we have been helping our son tile the floor of his kitchen. Still a work in progress when we left, but the progress is significant.

In between we had fun!  

We went to the seaside, had ice creams on the promenade at Western-Super-Mare and strolled along the beach and under the pier.  

We crossed the River Seven into Wales and visited Castle Coch, a Victorian Castle built on medieval remains 

and then on to see The Guardian, a huge sculpture of a miner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Six Bells colliery disaster in 1960, when 45 men lost their lives in a gas explosion.  Designed by Sebastian Boyesen, the statue is made of fabricated ribbons of steel and stands 20m tall on its plinth.  

Our visit coincided with the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.  As we returned to Jack's house on Thursday evening, the sky was full of hot air balloons including some special shapes, skimming the rooftops to land at the park close by.  

We also fitted in a visit to Steve's mum in her care home and dropped off some games and toys to our great niece Esme, where we enjoyed a cup of tea and caught up with family news from our nephew's partner Kate.

After all this work and play, we are catching up on some rest this weekend and news from the meso community before another busy week begins on Monday. 

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