Sunday 16 June 2013

Four years on....

16 June may not mean much to you.  However, for us it has a special significance.  It's when Steve found out he had mesothelioma.  

That was in 2009.

Today it's 2013.

Four years on and he's still going (very) strong!

With so much sad news recently for the meso warriors, their families and friends, I hope very much that this anniversary will put a smile on your face and that you will join us in a virtual drink to celebrate Steve being a four year survivor! 

Cheers, everyone :-) 


  1. never mind a virtual glass- 4 years on deserves a real glass of something rather nice!! After such a difficult time with so much bad news, it is great to have something to celebrate.

  2. Thanks Amanda!

    Here's hoping we all have a better summer :-)